Nov 5, 2021
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Will Zero Trust Make EDR Irrelevant?

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(Hear from John Kindervag, Senior VP Cybersecurity Strategy and Group Fellow of ON2IT and the creator of Zero Trust, as he answers questions and clarifies how you can benefit from a Zero Trust approach to security. Courtesy of ISACA NL Chapter and YouTube.)

(The Attivo Networks Endpoint Detection Net (EDN) Suite anticipates attacker methods to move laterally from infected endpoints and ambushes their moves with lures, bait, and misdirection to speed threat detection. EDN boosts existing endpoint security detection performance by showing exposed credential attack paths, credential misuse, and attempts to enumerate Active Directory. Concealment technology hides and denies access to critical files, data, AD objects, and credentials. The solution prevents discovery, credential theft, privilege escalation, data collection, and lateral movement. Courtesy of Attivo Networks, a Multiple Award Finalist in the 2021 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Program and YouTube.)
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