Nov 10, 2021
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What My Optometrist Taught Me About InfoSec Presentations

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Recently, my reading glasses broke. I tried to find a pair of frames that my perfectly fine lenses would fit into but had no luck. So I sent my lenses to a lab to be cut to fit the new frame.
In the end, I wound up with a usable pair of reading glasses. Along the way, I also met a very dedicated optometrist who truly cares about the quality of his customers’ vision.
Now, I have a degree in physics and know a thing or two about optics and the refraction of light. Of course, the optometrist had no way of knowing this as he presented a simple explanation about corrective lenses intended for a general audience. But I took away an important lesson from the exchange about how important it is for us as security professionals to know our audience and tailor what we present to them accordingly. 

Know Your Audience
Think about it: How often do we give the same presentation, regardless of who we are presenting to? But we shouldn’t. I thought it would be helpful to highlight five audiences security professionals often present to and points that are helpful to remember when presenting to each.
The greatest presentation will fall flat if not aimed at the correct audience. By knowing our audience and targeting our messages accordingly, we can more effectively communicate the security program’s value. This will facilitate our efforts to build trust and collaborate, which, in turn, will allow us to build more effective security programs and improve the organization’s security posture.
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