Dec 12, 2021
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What Are Best Identity & Access Mgmt Tools Currently Available?

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(Thrive with simple, secure access to all your apps, from anywhere with SafeNet Trusted Access. With SafeNet Trusted Access, you can accelerate organizational growth, minimize risks, and modernize your IT infrastructure with a modern authentication and access management platform. Let Thales help you centralize access management and authentication, reduce costs and avoid IT vendor lock-in for access to cloud and hybrid environments. Courtesy of Thales Cloud Security and YouTube.)

(Do you have secure access to all of your cloud services? According to the 2020 Access Management Index, 58% of IT and security professionals believe cloud apps are the biggest targets for cyberattacks. Courtesy of Thales Cloud Security and YouTube.)

(Learn More about SafeNet Trusted Access – Securing cloud access with contextual policies. Courtesy of Thales Cloud Security and YouTube.)

(With Strata’s Maverics Identity Orchestrator™, enterprise identity management is simplified as you can migrate and modernize your identity systems without painful application rewrites. You’ll save hundreds of hours, and millions of dollars on your upcoming project. Courtesy of Strata Identity and YouTube.)
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(See just a few highlights of American Security Today’s 2021 ‘ASTORS’ Awards Presentation Luncheon at ISC East. Courtesy of My Pristine Images and Vimeo.)


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