Nov 4, 2021
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Verizon Frontline Holds NYC Tech Showcase on First Responders Day

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(Meet THOR, the Verizon disaster response vehicle in a league of its own. Whether it’s a wildfire, hurricane or other emergency, the Verizon Response Team (VRT) is always ready to rush to a crisis to maintain and restore connectivity for our customers and first responders when they need it most. Courtesy of Verizon and YouTube.) 

(Thanks to the Verizon Response Team or VRT for providing recovery and relief to their customers, communities and local/state/federal agencies during times of crisis. See how VRT is made up of V Teamers and an assortment of impressive vehicles and equipment all part of the ‘Barnyard.’ Courtesy of Verizon and YouTube.)

(Learn More about Verizon Frontline. The advanced network and technology for first responders. Courtesy of Verizon and YouTube.)
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