Feb 15, 2022
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Top 8 IT Trends to Prepare for in 2022 and Beyond

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The only constant in the world right now seems to be change, and at JumpCloud®, we know how important it is to keep a finger on the pulse of the IT industry amidst it all. An important part of staying in the loop involves regularly talking to and surveying small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) IT professionals to get a feel for their problems, priorities, and needs at different moments in time.
To stay on top of this, in December of 2021, JumpCloud commissioned the 2022 SME IT Trends Survey from Propeller Insights. 509 U.S.-based and 503 U.K.-based professionals in a variety of IT-bound roles were surveyed, each from an organization with 2,500 or fewer employees. JumpCloud also hosted a 2022 IT trends webinar, discussing the survey results in more depth — featuring our own Technical Champion Benjamin Garrison as well as Joshua Reynolds, founder and CEO of Rob Roy Consulting.
In this article, we will highlight the top eight IT trends that we pulled from the survey. This is a great opportunity to compare them against what’s happening in your own organization right now, and use these insights to plan ahead, adjust your priorities, negotiate more budget, and more.
While dissecting the results of the survey, we found that fewer IT professionals were feeling overwhelmed compared to the beginning of 2021 when the unknowns still heavily outweighed the knowns. We also found that respondents are either happier now or just as happy with their job compared to how they felt in January of 2021. Happiness and stress seem to be moving in the right direction, and this is likely due to continued acclimation to the new normal that the COVID-19 pandemic forced upon us.
As time goes on, in 2022 and beyond, we expect to see these levels continue to move in a positive direction. At this point, many organizations have taken steps to help the IT department deal with remote work, security, compliance, productivity, and more; or, at the very least these things are on the (Read more…)
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