Dec 1, 2021
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Security for IoT Networks Needs to Reflect an OT Mindset

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Nozomi Networks was founded to address the particular cybersecurity requirements of industrial control systems and operational technology (OT) networks. OT networks are complicated by unique and proprietary network protocols and systems, with a range of vulnerabilities in mission-critical and legacy environments.
Fueled by automation and digital transformation, plus the widespread adoption of IoT technologies, pure operational technology (OT) environments no longer exist. Instead, they include many IT machines and distributed IoT sensors that strengthen visibility and system control.
Smart manufacturing, smart buildings, smart cities, smart grids, smart healthcare—all these verticals are leveraging IoT platforms and IT integration to respond to market needs faster and better, as well as to reduce costs.
As defenders and engineers who need to keep systems running securely and safely, it’s important to understand how the adoption of IoT impacts visibility and security for OT systems.

Industrial manufacturing and other critical processes are leveraging IoT devices and require greater integration with cloud and IT networks, raising security challenges.
For some, OT/ICS is a just a particular case of IoT, because they both safely monitor and control the performance of physical devices used by critical industries. While IoT devices interact with the physical world too, they are designed primarily to send data to the cloud and other IT applications, whereas OT has traditionally been segmented away from IT networks.
What OT and IoT have in common today is connectivity to the physical world and industrial processes. Let’s compare and contrast some of the security considerations:

Industry 4.0
Digital transformation is driving the need for more security around IoT devices to mirror OT requirements.
We adapted our products and services to help organizations close the security gaps created by the rapid adoption of IoT technologies. This includes:
It’s becoming increasingly important to unify security operations and visibility across your entire operation. There are critical differences between OT and IoT networks and devices. Only Nozomi Networks integrates unique features and approaches to consolidate and simplify security operations across these converged infrastructures. If you’d like to learn more about how we tackle OT and IoT visibility and security, just let us know.

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