Dec 9, 2021
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Nintendo will now sell you a standalone Switch OLED dock, sans AC adapter and HDMI cable

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In a nutshell: Nintendo has made good on its promise to bring the standalone Switch OLED dock to North America. The Switch OLED dock is the exact same version that is included with each Nintendo Switch OLED model, allowing the user to play Switch games on their television.
Nintendo bills the offering as an additional dock to easily move the Switch between multiple TVs, although oddly enough, the requisite AC adapter and HDMI cable aren’t included. Omitting the latter is acceptable as HDMI cables are readily available, but leaving out the AC adapter seems a bit shortsighted.
Nintendo will gladly sell you an AC adapter for $29.99.
According to Nintendo Life, the dock won’t be available in retail shops, which is annoyingly par for the course these days. You’ll only be able to purchase it directly from Nintendo’s online store.
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The Switch OLED dock features a built-in LAN port in place of the third USB port that’s found on the first-gen dock. Hardware sleuths also determined that its video output is HDMI 2.0 compliant, which could suggest Nintendo is laying the groundwork for a future Switch Pro.
The standalone Switch OLED dock retails for $69.99 and is available in your choice of white or black. It’s $10 more than the original Switch Dock, which currently commands $59.99. If you’re looking to save some cash, Nintendo also offers refurbished docks from $39.99.
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