Dec 22, 2021
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Job Wellbeing and the Great Quit: HR Trends for 2022

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Signing out of account, Standby…
Paying payroll or signing documents digitally and even checking assistance for biometric data, all processes in the area are further digitized.

One of the most important areas within organizations after the start of the pandemic is Human Resources (HR), where recruiting remotely became a challenge, but sustaining talent or measuring productivity from a home office format, they also became urgent scenarios. Today the question is “How will we work in the long term?” Factorial , a startup specialized in HR management software, gives us a look at the main trends that will be seen in this area by 2022.
According to a study carried out by Factorial and GOintegro, 70% of workers consider it important for their organizations to implement workplace wellness programs and only 55.6% are satisfied with the way their company does it. At other times, workers made the decision of a job for reasons such as salary or position; However, alongside the Covid-19 pandemic, another concept grew: mental health.
Considering that we spend a third of our adult lives working, talents, especially the youngest, seek that professional and personal growth can coexist within a company. For this reason, the role of the Human Resources area, in this sense, is essential to keep their talents. This will be achieved with the correct reading of the “feeling” of your workers, to provide them with “experiences” that really invite them to be part of the organization.
Let’s not overlook the term “employer branding” , which is the image that collaborators have of the company where they work , which not only includes those who are hired, it is also a cover letter for when a vacancy opens. The policies and philosophy of HR are mixed at this point, including the offer of training plans, is offering to grow together with the worker.
Organizations will be immersed in some way in digitization. In the cloud is where the Human Resources area has to have internal tools and collaboration with workers to measure productivity.
Shift delivery, current employee training chart, team health issues, mental health red flags, virtual meeting schedules, payroll, and much more are all part of the “People Analytics ”. Although 2020 and 2021 challenged us to enter this era of keeping data in the cloud, 2022 demands that the indicators and the reading of results be more automated and practical.
While digitization is necessary, it also contracts another need: cybersecurity. For this, it is imperative to review the integration of the company’s management software, this with the need to guarantee privacy and data protection, and thus avoid fraud, corruption or violations of information management.

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