Mar 5, 2022
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Is Your Data Center Ready for the Age of AI?

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CIOs across every industry are exploring ways that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help accelerate innovation and deliver a powerful competitive advantage or create new revenue streams.  

Today’s data centers must run a combination of modern, compute-intensive applications, such as AI and high-performance data analytics, alongside legacy applications. This creates certain challenges when using traditional data center and storage architectures and security technologies. Moore’s law is reaching its physical limits, and this requires a new way to think about processing.  

NVIDIA for the last 10 years has invested heavily in developing and optimizing a compute platform to enable every enterprise to leverage AI and other modern workloads for their business. Today more than 25,000 companies worldwide rely on it to accelerate their AI training and inference workloads, including every cloud service provider and e-tailer. 

The company’s GTC events are where IT decision-makers learn how the latest AI infrastructure will help meet their business imperatives in 2022 and beyond. The March 2022 conference brings together thousands of innovators, developers and IT leaders to network and hear presentations from a who’s who of organizations including Amazon, DeepMind, Dell Technologies, Deloitte, Google, HPE, Microsoft, NASA, Stanford University, Walmart, and VMware.  

Top sessions include

The free, virtual event takes place from March 21-24 and features more than 900 sessions with 1,400 speakers talking about AI, accelerated data centers, high performance computing and graphics. Register for GTC to hear from more AI experts like these on what matters most now and how to set your organization up for success.


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