Nov 6, 2021
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How the Pandemic Can Help Explain Cybersecurity Complexity

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As painful and difficult as it may be for some to reflect on the pandemic, there are quite a few lessons we have all learned in the last two years. 
One lesson that many in the cybersecurity world might have missed is that there are some similarities between the pandemic and how you can approach security, as strange as that may sound.
Mike_LloydMike Lloyd, Chief Technology Officer at RedSeal and longtime SecureWorld speaker, believes we can take lessons learned from the pandemic and apply them to complex cybersecurity issues.
As an academic, Lloyd studied epidemiology and was modeling how diseases would spread through a population with complex interactions. He quickly learned he could take that information and apply it to network modeling. He says this is something people often struggle with:
“Humans really don’t understand the network effect very well. We just don’t think in enough depth in detail. It’s too many chess moves ahead that you have to be able to think, and computers are very good at that. They’re not limitless, you can’t tend computers to solve all your security problems. But they’re certainly much better at figuring out complex interactions than we are.”
So, how does cybersecurity relate to the pandemic?
“If I think lots and lots and lots about how one person behaves, I don’t really learn much about Coronavirus. I really have to think about how humans behave collectively to understand that. And security is much the same. It’s really about the system, not the individual elements.”
But there is so much more to it than that. 
Mike Lloyd will discuss the parallels between cybersecurity and the pandemic at our SecureWorld Rockies virtual conference on November 17, 2021. He also manages to tie all of this in to what is the main focus of his presentation, Conquering Cloud Complexity
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