Dec 20, 2021
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Embracing the Hybrid World in 2022

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By Milan Shetti, CEO Rocket Software
The past year has taught business leaders important lessons about managing teams and adapting to uncertainty. Across every organization, we are seeing a shift toward the world of hybrid to accommodate the need for agility and responsiveness. When I refer to hybrid, I am talking about IT infrastructure, but I am also talking about ways of working and thinking that incorporate a combination of the most effective strategies.
In 2022, hybrid will come to define more than just our cloud computing — organizations will need to understand and embrace the world of hybrid more broadly to succeed.
Hybrid cloud
For leaders in our industry, the first thing that comes to mind when we use the word hybrid is “hybrid cloud”. Hybrid cloud infrastructure will continue to be the path forward for enterprises in 2022, as monolithic tech stacks are no longer practical. Enterprises need to leverage their years of technology investments and the latest tools available to create the most effective environment for their business.
Ripping and replacing technology that has accumulated over time is not a feasible approach for businesses — it is too costly, disruptive, and time consuming. Instead, they need to integrate and connect each layer to optimize performance and modernize in place. Embracing the diversity of solutions available and enabling each layer to operate more effectively as a unified environment will provide the competitive advantage businesses need.
Hybrid work
Hybrid cloud is just the beginning of the broader trend towards a hybrid world — hybrid work structures are also here to stay. Forcing employees to fully return to the office is not going to be effective for attracting or retaining top talent, especially in competitive hiring markets, so it is up to business leaders to learn new management strategies that are tailored to a permanently hybrid workforce.
This includes operating and managing IT infrastructures that support dispersed employees and empower them to work effectively, no matter what their “office” looks like. The tools that will enable this are constantly evolving, from new collaboration and communication products to technical support and security solutions. IT leaders will need to stay at the forefront of these conversations to protect against new threats and address new challenges.
Hybrid thinking
Hybrid is more than a type of IT infrastructure or work, though, it is a way of thinking. In 2022, enterprises must prioritize shifting mindsets to execute the process changes that will enable agility. Traditionally, leaders think of themselves as decision makers who have to choose what’s best for their organization — either option A, B, or C. In the world we are heading toward, the real decisions will be based on how you can make each option work well together.
Our brains are naturally inclined to think in terms of either this or that, especially if you come from a computer science background. We create hierarchies and divisions in our minds, but we need to unlearn this way of thinking to embrace the hybrid world. Hybrid by definition means a combination of several different elements coming together. Now, we need to think in terms of interoperability, integration, and connection rather than replacement. This shift from “or” to “and” thinking will be a critical evolution throughout the coming years.
To leverage hybrid cloud, hybrid work, and hybrid thinking, leaders need to have the willingness to embrace a growth mindset in their organizations. The biggest challenges to overcome in 2022 will not be around software, hardware, or budget, but creating a culture where teams can get the best of every solution by embracing a broader hybrid world.
Rocket is helping some of the biggest companies in the world achieve this every day with our products and expert teams, to learn more, visit our site.
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