Jan 6, 2022
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Attivo Identity Detect & Response Wins Triple 2021 Platinum ‘ASTORS’

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(The Attivo ThreatStrike End-Point Deception Solution is a customizable and non-intrusive technology that is used to identify targeted attacks of infected end-points, infected servers/VMs, the use of deception stolen credentials, and ransomware attacks on networked drives. The solution also provides for suspicious email submission for threat detection. Courtesy of Attivo Networks and YouTube.)

(The Attivo ThreatPath™ solution provides an attack path vulnerability assessment based on likely attack paths that an attacker would traverse through misconfigured systems or credential misuse. A topographical illustration of the attack paths provides a straight-forward view of how an attacker can move laterally once they have engaged with their first end-point system. Clickable drill downs provide the details of weaknesses and IP addresses for systems needing to be isolated and/or fixed. Integrations with prevention systems can be leveraged for automated response actions and trouble tickets can be activated inside the dashboard. Courtesy of Attivo Networks and YouTube.)

(Hear from Ray Kafity, VP of Attivo Networks, as he shares the ‘why’ and ‘how’ on protecting Active Directory. Over 90% of all Global Fortune 1000 organizations use AD to control access and deliver services. Organizations of all sizes are at risk of a supply chain attack or an indirect attack as cybercriminals look to leverage the situation for opportunistic ransomware extortion. The underlying issue is the lack of in-network security, which detects attacker lateral movement and privilege escalation activities. Both are critical tactics used by threat actors. Courtesy of Attivo Networks and YouTube.)

(The Attivo ThreatDefend® Platform delivers unparalleled attack prevention, detection, and adversary intelligence collection based on cyber deception and data concealment technologies for an informed defense. The platform efficiently derails attacker discovery, lateral movement, privilege escalation, and collection activities early in the attack cycle across endpoints, Active Directory, and network devices on-premises, in clouds, and on specialized attack surfaces. Courtesy of Attivo Networks and YouTube.)
2021 'ASTORS' Premier Sponsors
American Security Today

(See just a few highlights of American Security Today’s 2021 ‘ASTORS’ Awards Presentation Luncheon at ISC East. Courtesy of My Pristine Images and Vimeo.)


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