Nov 10, 2021
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8 Best Practices for Data Security in Hybrid Environments

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Operating in hybrid environments can get really tricky at times. As more and more organizations are moving their sensitive data to the public cloud, the need to keep this data secure and private has increased significantly over time.
While handling their valuable datasets within their respective environments, companies need to ensure utmost data security and compliance to meet the regulations set by various governments. They cannot afford to make the smallest mistake that can jeopardize data privacy and cause dire repercussions.
Provided below are some of the best practices to implement for ensuring data security in hybrid environments.
When it comes to keeping your hybrid cloud secure, it is always advisable to focus on process automation. Automating processes like coding the infrastructure and checking security compliance of the environment helps you to leverage your data security measures. Process automation allows you to keep track of your databases, and it notifies you about potential threats in real time.
Keeping your data encrypted helps you prevent threats like unauthorized access of data and unforeseen leaks. Whether your data is at rest or in transit, always make sure that it is encrypted. Based on your specific requirements, undertake full-disk encryption, hardware encryption, and IPsec to keep your data protected in hybrid environments.
Employees often pose some of the biggest risks to a hybrid environment. When you have a cloud environment that can be accessed from anywhere and that is used for storing and sharing data across your organization, there will always be a risk of the employees jeopardizing the system’s security.
A mistake as small as an employee forgetting to log out of the company computer or connecting to a public Wi-Fi can compromise (Read more…)
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