Nov 2, 2021
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3 Steps for Securing Today's Complex Digital Infrastructure

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With the rise in cloud workloads and modern apps, we need to ensure that everything in the digital infrastructure is protected.
Security teams at organizations of all sizes have been tasked with securing complex digital infrastructures over the past year due to accelerated digital transformation tasks and the rush to an anywhere-work setup. While it was challenging for legacy companies to adjust and make rapid changes to infrastructure that had been in place for decades, it was equally — if not more — challenging for startups to adapt quickly. There’s a first time for everything, but startups especially had to grapple with these rapid changes and challenges overnight.
The pandemic and anywhere-work setup accelerated the existing trend of remote work and I only expect this to continue. The work-from-anywhere mindset enhances employee productivity and experience, but securing an organization’s infrastructure remotely is extremely complex and challenging. However, as I recently discussed at VMware Security Connect, doing so should be a critical element of your overarching security strategy and posture.
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