Mar 5, 2022
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12 KPIs every project manager should know

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Projects fail for many reasons — budget overruns, scheduling delays, supply chain issues, and scope creep, among other things. If you’re not tracking project health in all key areas, your projects are prone to fall prey to these types of issues and fail. Approximately 54% of all organizations working on projects fail to effectively track their key performance indicators (KPIs) in real-time. Understanding KPIs and their value is vital to project success.

When used correctly, KPIs provide valuable insight into how projects are progressing compared to their intended goals. But not every metric is relevant to every project. The trick is to know which of the numerous KPIs matter most to your particular project — from those used to measure progress over time, to those that keep tabs on budget, performance, the quality of deliverables, and so forth. While KPIs come to bear used once your project is under way, establishing which KPIs are best for your project should be undertaken in the planning stage before work actually starts.

Here are some important KPIs and when they should be used to monitor the health of your projects:

Before setting KPIs for your project, it’s important to remember that they need to be realistic, timely, specific to the project and its goals, and agreed on by all parties before the project begins.


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